March 15, 2017

Ossoff’s Week: DC Fundraisers With Pelosi And Lobbyists

A pair of Washington, D.C. fundraisers for Jon Ossoff is showing Georgia-6 voters just how much a creature of Washington Ossoff is. Just last week the 30 year old candidate was criticized by fellow Democrats for all the help he’s receiving from national Democratic groups:

“It was Slotin, though, with the sharpest attacks aimed at Ossoff. He slammed the Democratic National Committee for pledging to pour resources into the race – ostensibly to help Ossoff – and assailed DailyKos, the left-leaning website, for raising more than $1.1 million for Ossoff’s campaign. He called them Washington insiders ‘who don’t know anything about the district.’”

Ossoff’s schedule this week will only bring the neophyte candidate more pressure. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Ossoff is holding a fundraiser tonight with a “handful of lobbyists” based in DC as well as “a top aide to” Then tomorrow House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the rest of House Democratic leadership is going to be raising money for him.

Nancy Pelosi has long been one of the least popular politicians in Republican-leaning areas of the country. Given that Ossoff is running in a heavily Republican district, his connection to Pelosi is sure to alienate a lot of voters.