November 1, 2017

Over 60% Of Americans Support GOP Tax Reform Plan

Over 60% Of Americans Support GOP Tax Reform Plan

Tomorrow, Republicans in Congress will take a major step toward boosting the United States’ economy when they unveil their plans for tax reform. As a new Morning Consult/Politico poll show, the American people are enthusiastically behind Congress’ efforts to reform the outdated tax code:

“The overall framework of the tax bill garnered general support among voters. After hearing about several details regarding potential provisions in the GOP tax measure, 61 percent said they would support the legislation, compared to 21 percent who said they wouldn’t.”

The strong support for tax reform is also echoed in approval for many of the different individual policy proposals that make up the bill:

  • 64% of Americans are behind the plan to cut the tax rate for small businesses to 25%.
  • 64% of Americans back increasing the standard deduction to $24,000.
  • 64% of Americans want the child tax credit to be increased
  • 53% of Americans support repealing the estate tax.
  • 52% of Americans support the provision to “allow companies to return their profits from abroad at a slightly lower, one-time tax rate.”

This poll makes it clear that the American people are stalwartly behind Republicans’ efforts to pass tax reform. This poll should also serve as a warning to those Democrats who are committed to obstructionism. The American people will not look kindly to those Democrats who put politics above the growth of the American economy.