June 5, 2017

Perriello Imports Far Left Warren To Virginia

Need proof that the extreme Elizabeth Warren-Bernie Sanders wing has taken over the Democrat Party? Just watch the latest ad from Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello:

Warren’s words of praise for Perriello remove any doubt of what kind of Governor he’d be.

Instead of working in the best interest for Virginians, he’d be a rock-thrower in the mold that Warren has championed, proposing fringe ideas that might fire-up an irrational left-wing base, but pose very serious economic consequences in practice.

Virginia is not Cambridge, MA or Berkeley, CA. While praise from Elizabeth Warren may excite a few liberals and help Perriello in the Democrat Primary, his full-fledged embrace of her policies should worry every Virginian that does not want this new version of left-wing socialism to make its way to the Commonwealth.