News Quiz for May 17, 2019 - America Rising PAC

News Quiz for May 17, 2019

May 16, 2019

1) Which 2020 presidential candidate released documents this week revealing that she billed clients as much as $675 per hour for legal work?

2) Local news in El Paso, Texas reported this week that Beto O'Rourke's campaign owes $20,000 to what group for overtime worked at his official launch in March?

3) An altered video circulated this week with the speech slowed down to make it appear that this person was drunk during a Q&A session. Who was the subject of the video?

4) According to this federal agency that oversees campaign finance law, there are more than 700 candidates officially running for President of the United States.

5) Eddie Mauro, a Democrat running for Senate in Iowa, was caught on video by one of our trackers this week criticizing the military service of which current US Senator?

6) It was reported this week that Senator Mitch McConnell's campaign has sold more than 2,000 T-shirts referencing this nickname, which was given to him by former West Virginia senate candidate Don Blankenship.

7) Since he began running for president, there has been an uptick in crime in which Indiana city where Pete Buttigieg is the mayor?

8) In a surprise announcement this week, who announced that she was stepping down as Prime Minister of the UK effective 7 June?

9) The Department of Justice is charging this person, who founded the website Wikileaks, under the Espionage Act for illegally publishing classified documents.

10) Billionaire Robert F. Smith surprised graduates of this school when he announced that he would be paying off their student loan debt.

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