Raphael Warnock's Radicalism Knows No Bounds

Raphael Warnock’s Radicalism Knows No Bounds

Now he’s desperately trying to cover all of that up ahead of his January 5th run-off against Senator Kelly Loeffler.

November 19, 2020
Raphael Warnock’s Radicalism Knows No Bounds

Raphael Warnock’s disastrous rhetoric and extreme political positions are having a devastating impact on Democrats’ hopes of claiming control of the U.S. Senate. In a new editorial, National Review ticks through numerous instances of Warnock expressing a radical ideology that is out of step with Georgia voters. 

In an interview conducted soon after the election, Warnock refused to directly rule out supporting some of the far left’s most extreme proposals to rig the rules in their favor: Packing the Supreme Court and adding two new states in order to stack the Senate with more Democrats.

National Review: “In a November 9 interview, Warnock dodged questions about whether he would vote for legislation increasing the number of justices on the Supreme Court and vote for legislation adding two new states (and likely four new Democrats to the U.S. Senate). That Warnock continues to dodge the question even after the issue of Court-packing may have cost Democrats Senate seats on November 3 is telling.”

Warnock has also faced scrutiny for past comments about Israel, America’s closest ally in the region. He compared it to Apartheid South Africa and East Germany before trying to back away from those comments now that he’s in a competitive race.

National Review: “Now that he’s running for the U.S. Senate, Warnock has issued a newstatement asserting he does not believe Israel is an apartheid state, but the new statement doesn’t offer any explanation for signing his name to a statement that plainly said Israel borrows practices from “oppressive regimes” such as apartheid South Africa.”

And if that all wasn’t enough, Warnock has repeatedly over the years praised and defended the preaching of Jeremiah Wright, with who President Barack Obama cut ties after his anti-Semitic rhetoric came to light.

National Review: “But in 2014, Warnock was still defending Wright and praising Wright’s “God Damn America” sermon. “You ought to go back and see if you can find and read, as I have, the entire sermon. It was a very fine sermon,” Warnock said in a 2014 speech.

Very fine? The sermon in question was chock-full of anti-American rhetoric and conspiracy theories.

In the 2003 “God Damn America” sermon that Warnock called “very fine,” Wright likened America to al-Qaeda: “We cannot see how what we are doing is the same thing that al-Qaeda is doing under a different color flag — calling on the name of a different God to sanction and approve our murder and our mayhem!”

National Review is correct in that Raphael Warnock’s radicalism knows no bounds. Now he’s desperately trying to cover all of that up ahead of his January 5th run-off against Senator Kelly Loeffler.