May 8, 2017

Record Breaking Spending Focuses Attention On Ossoff’s Out Of State Money

The Georgia-6 special election votes on June 20th, yet according to Politico the race is already the most expensive House campaign in United States history. Unfortunately for Ossoff, the fact that he’s running in the most expensive House race only underlines that his campaign is funded almost exclusively by forces outside of Georgia.

Just last week the DCCC announced a seven figure ad buy to support Ossoff, while Nancy Pelosi hasn’t been shy about helping Ossoff either. Politico’s report also serves as a reminder for key numbers from Ossoff’s FEC report. That report showed that 95% of all Ossoff’s campaign donors were located outside Georgia.

This record breaking news comes on the heels of more troubling news for the young multi-millionaire. Last week, a WSB poll showed that Ossoff’s support is actually going backwards, while Karen Handel is approaching 50%. The bad poll for Ossoff helps explain why he’s going back on his pledge to run a “strictly positive campaign” and launching negative attack ads against his opponent. Ossoff’s desperation is showing, and no amount of out of state money will be able to cover it up now.