June 16, 2017

Reminder: Jon Ossoff Can’t Vote On Tuesday

Tuesday is Election Day in Georgia. Yet for Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff it’s also another reminder to voters across Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District that he doesn’t live in the district, and thus cannot vote for himself. This was a major embarrassment for Ossoff during the special election vote in April.

On MSNBC today, Ossoff was confronted with his residency issues once again, when Stephanie Ruhle pointedly asked Ossoff why he didn’t move so he “could represent the district you’d be governing”:

Ossoff stuck to his well-worn talking points on the issue, but nothing he says can hide that he won’t be voting on Tuesday because he lives outside the district. Ossoff’s answer on MSNBC showed why some Democrats already calling Ossoff an “empty suit.” The fact that this is still such a big issue for Ossoff doesn’t help his case.