February 27, 2017

Ripped From The Headlines: As Problems Mount, Feds Investigation Of De Blasio Takes Serious Turn

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was once looked at as a possible national political figure, yet the mountain of scandals, errors, and unpopular policies threaten to submarine his political career as he runs for re-election. Just days after Mayor de Blasio met with the U.S. Attorney’s office, a shocking new story in the New York Daily News reports that a prominent New York campaign donor gave to a de Blasio political group “for fear that her business would be crippled if she failed to raise money for the mayor’s causes”:

“Directly hit up for big-dollar donations by Mayor de Blasio and his associates, the owner of a movie and TV production services company complied for fear that her business would be crippled if she failed to raise money for the mayor’s causes, her husband told the Daily News… The requests paid off — Argento raised $167,000 for the mayor and his causes, including writing four checks totaling $70,000 from herself and her companies. Ciafone said Argento felt as if she didn’t have much choice.”

Given that there are “three separate investigations of [de Blasio’s] fund-raising tactics,” this story certainly raises the possibility that de Blasio will be the latest New York politician Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara puts behind bars.

While de Blasio’s meeting with the U.S. Attorney’s office is certainly the most serious news surrounding the embattled mayor, there are also new headlines that show de Blasio has a brewing email scandal. De Blasio’s political capital was also significantly weakened when his DNC Candidate, Keith Ellison, lost his bid for DNC Chairman.

See below for a roundup of recent headlines that show de Blasio’s political career is giving the Knicks a run for their money in the biggest embarrassment to New York City category:

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