May 19, 2017

Ripped From The Headlines: Rob Quist’s Cratering Campaign

The penultimate week of Rob Quist’s campaign for Montana’s at-large Congressional seat went about as poorly as imaginable. His campaign has been continually rocked by headline after headline that tear apart his many lies and expose his many faults.

From the beginning of the campaign, Quist’s inability to truthfully explain his decades long history of financial problems has been an albatross around his neck. With six days to go, the headlines Quist has to deal with would make any candidate cancel his schedule and crawl underneath his bed:

Missoulian: “‘I don’t own that property’: Quist distances himself from apartments; renter comes forward”

Missoulian: Quist admits 1971 citation for marijuana possession

Washington Free Beacon: Itching for Answers: Rob Quist Took Taxpayer Money in Same Year He Stiffed State on Property Taxes

Washington Free Beacon: As Quist Breaks Out, Decades Old Lawsuit Sheds Light on Montana Democrat’s Marriage and Career

Billings Gazette: Quist declines to discuss personal marijuana use, health record

These headlines, all from the last few days, show Quist to be a tax dodger and a serial marijuana user. Perhaps most damaging of all, Quist won’t even stand up like an adult and face questions about his past misdeeds. Quist’s conduct has disqualified him for elected office. Fortunately for the failed music star, he’s got only one week left in the limelight.