February 10, 2017

Ripped From The Headlines: Democratic Party Plagued By Divisions

The signs of chaos within the Democratic Party are multiplying by the day. The civil war ravaging the party has produced growing anarchy and division, all as they find themselves completely out of power. While extreme activists are pleased with the growing energy on the far left, Democratic members of Congress are starting to realize the danger that puts their political futures in:

“Democratic lawmakers have cheered as liberals protested President Trump’s immigration policies and turned out in huge numbers to march on Washington. But that same progressive fury is increasingly being turned against them, a development that could lead to Democratic primary challenges from the left.”

To underscore that point, yesterday Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) learned that a liberal State Senator Randolph Bracy is seriously considering a primary challenge, while his every move is being monitored closely by liberal activists in Florida:

“Nelson also has to contend with the Democratic base, which has been outraged by the early days of the Trump administration, staging protests across Florida and other states. ‘People are on fire right now,’ said Susan Smith, an activist in Tampa Bay. ‘You don’t motivate people unless you show you are fighting for them and you’re not fighting for them if you’re giving into Trump’s agenda on anything.'”

The Democratic civil war is the emerging political story of 2017. As the headlines below show, this is far from an isolated story too. The Democratic civil war is spreading throughout the country:

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