January 26, 2017

Ripped From The Headlines: Elizabeth Warren Hit With “Liberal Ire,” Ethics Issues

The Democratic Party is undergoing a larger movement over how to deal with its new electoral reality. Some party leaders demand that the Democratic Party “oppose everything,” while others want to work with the new administration:

“In one private session on ‘Trump’s First 100 Days,’ two party veterans on the panel, Rahm Emanuel and Ron Klain, found themselves split on the tactical question Democrats are now wrestling with in the Senate. Emanuel, the Chicago mayor, said Democrats needed to pick their battles to preserve limited political capital. Klain, the longtime strategist and White House alum, had another view: Oppose everything to win anything.’”

While all Democrats are trying to navigate this new environment, few are doing it worse than Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). The leftist Senator was once a hero of liberal Democrats everywhere. Yet those days appear to be over. Warren’s actions recently have unleashed a thunderstorm of criticism against her by liberal activists:

As Democrats move forward with the confirmation process, some senators — including progressive darlings Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown — have been getting slammed on social media for allowing nominees to move forward with Democratic support. Some progressive activists have even been protesting outside lawmakers’ offices and demanding why Democrats aren’t doing more to “resist” the new administration. Warren’s vote for Ben Carson, Trump’s nominee for Housing and Urban Development, in particular sparked outrage from her supporters.”

Between the liberal backlash against Warren and a disturbing report by the Washington Free Beacon, Warren has suffered a great deal of negative coverage recently. See below for some of the awful headlines targeting Warren:

Salon: “Following backlash from the left, Elizabeth Warren defends her vote for Ben Carson”

Politico: “Warren defends her vote for Carson amid liberal ire”

Washington Free Beacon: “The Time Elizabeth Warren Used Loophole to Avoid Disclosing $1.3M Line of Credit”

Red State: “Elizabeth Warren, Hater of Banks, Skirts Ethics Rules to Protect Sweet Deal With A Bank”

Legal Insurrection: “Elizabeth Warren sure is secretive about her fancy Cambridge house”