May 17, 2017

Rob Quist Campaign Struggling To Deal With Free Beacon Story Fallout

The Washington Free Beacon’s groundbreaking report on Rob Quist is throwing the Montana Democrat’s campaign into turmoil. The tumult within the Quist campaign is no surprise given that the Free Beacon article uncovered, among other shocking revelations, that at one point Quist smoked marijuana regularly:

“Among the findings were that Quist entered the procedure with a preexisting genital herpes condition, had previously tested positive for tuberculosis, and had confided in a marriage counselor tasked with saving his ‘failing marriage’ that he smoked marijuana.”

Unsurprisingly, Montana media outlets wanted to speak with Quist about the Free Beacon story. One newspaper, The Missoulian, had an interview scheduled with Quist, yet when his campaign learned that Quist would be confronted with questions about his past marijuana use, and “other health issues,” they cancelled:

“Quist campaign spokeswoman Tina Olechowski canceled the interview after she learned it would include questions about his marijuana platform and other health issues highlighted in the post about the court records. She insisted the reasons for the cancellation be off the record. Olechowski promised to provide an emailed statement about Quist’s marijuana policy platform, how his personal use has shaped that stance and whether he had comments about his medical history becoming public, among other questions.”

Quist’s campaign was so rattled by the story that even the reason for cancelling the interview had to be given off the record. Quist was already the underdog in the race, and with eight days until Montana votes, this report on Quist’s sketchy history will reverberate throughout the state.