May 2, 2017

Rob Quist Failed To Report $57,000 On Financial Disclosure

Rob Quist’s campaign continues to be plagued by his financial problems. Today, the Associated Press reported that Quist underreported his income on his personal financial disclosure:

“The Democratic candidate for Montana’s sole U.S. House seat, a cowboy poet and musician running for public office for the first time, underreported $57,000 in income when he filed federally required financial disclosure statements two months ago.”

In the AP’s report, they note that Quist has come “under scrutiny for a history of financial difficulties.” What the AP is referring to is a number of tax liens, lawsuits, and unpaid bills that have come to light since Quist started running:

“Quist’s financial woes have led to increased scrutiny after revelations that he defaulted on a $10,000 bank loan, did not pay thousands of dollars to a contractor he hired and faced three tax liens from the state over $15,000 in unpaid back taxes. The liens covered 2007, 2011 and 2012 and were settled last May with the Department of Revenue. Quist has not shared tax returns for those years.”

This latest disclosure is sure to resurrect Quist’s past financial woes in the minds of Montana voters. With just over three weeks until the vote, Quist’s problems could not come at a worse time.