March 3, 2017

Sanders Allied Group Backs Ossoff In R+14 District

You can tell a lot about a politician by the company he keeps. If you look at the groups that are now supporting Democrat Jon Ossoff’s Congressional campaign you can tell right away that he’s not right for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

Today, Democracy for America, a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders, announced that they were endorsing Ossoff’s campaign:

“’Electing Jon Ossoff isn’t just an opportunity for Georgia to reject Donald Trump’s hate-fueled agenda, it’s a chance to send a progressive leader from a new generation to Congress to fight for racial justice and against rapidly growing income inequality,’ said DFA chairman Jim Dean.”

Democracy for America is a supporter of extreme liberal policies like single payer health care and a $15 minimum wage, while the district Ossoff is running in is a strongly conservative one. By accepting DFA’s endorsement, Ossoff has once again highlighted that he’s completely out of touch with the district he wants to represent in Congress. Just like his celebrity supporters and out of state money, DFA’s support hurts, rather than helps, Ossoff’s campaign.