March 2, 2017

Scrutiny Of Warren’s Carson Vote Continues

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s flip-flop on Ben Carson’s nomination is a story that’s not going away. Back in January, Warren voted for Carson’s nomination in committee, and then was immediately condemned for it by liberal activists. Now that she’s voted against Carson, she’s facing a similar level of scrutiny for caving into protesters’ pressure:

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren opposed the confirmation of Ben Carson as Housing and Urban Development secretary on Thursday, a reversal that comes after taking heat from the left for previously voting for him.”

As MassGOP chair Kirsten Hughes said in a statement, Warren’s vote has exposed the liberal senator’s “true colors”:

“‘After taking heat from far-left activists, Sen. Warren has turned her back on the concept of bipartisanship and shown her true colors once again,’ MassGOP chair Kirsten Hughes said in a statement.”

Warren wrote a 500 word Facebook post defending her vote for Carson in January. Yet as her actions today show, it doesn’t take much for Warren to do a complete flip-flop on something.