May 31, 2017

Senator Claire McCaskill’s 1% Lifestyle Back In The News

While many Missourians would like to be able to afford to spend over $15,000 for co-workers to join them in Cancun, most cannot. One Missourian who did just that though is endangered Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO). Yesterday, it was reported that Senator McCaskill spent $15,600 to take Senators Jon Tester and Chuck Schumer on a “swanky” vacation to Mexico:

“The Missouri Democrat invited Sens. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and Jon Tester, D-Mont., and their respective spouses on the four-day trip to Mexico — paying for their airfare, hotel rooms and food, according to disclosure forms filed earlier this month by Schumer and Tester. Schumer and his wife’s bill came to about $8,200, while the Tester family’s tab amounted to $7,400, the disclosure reports show.”

Curiously though, the offices of Senator Schumer and Tester failed to answer questions about their Mexico vacation. Additionally, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch pointed out that $15,000 to someone as wealthy as Senator McCaskill isn’t as big a concern as it would be for an everyday Missourian:

“It ranked McCaskill as the 21st richest member of Congress at the time, with just over $19 million in net worth. Tester, with about $580,000 in net worth, was ranked 245th, and Schumer, with $390,000, 284th.”

Senator McCaskill’s wealth has long been a political liability for her. As she prepares to run for re-election in a deep red state, stories like this one will only hurt her chances.