July 14, 2017

Smith: Dems In A “Vise Grip” As Bernie Pushes Them Leftward

Today, America Rising PAC’s new Executive Director Alexandra Smith joined Fox Business’s Cavuto Coast to Coast to talk about how the health care debate is intensifying the divide in the Democratic Party. Smith touched upon one of the key factors driving the party leftward: the growing demand for single payer as a litmus test by extremists like Bernie Sanders.

Besides the single payer litmus test, Smith also pointed out how the health care debate is also putting red state Democratic Senators in a bind. After all, liberal activists and Democratic donors in San Francisco don’t want to fix Obamacare, they want to nationalize the whole health insurance industry.

This is in direct conflict with what voters in West Virginia, Montana, and Missouri want. Those voters, and others across the country, voted last year for a candidate that wants to reform and fix Obamacare, not create a brand-new government program.