April 17, 2017

Socialist Sanders Taking Over The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party thought it was a good idea to run a scandal-plagued, ethically-challenged candidate in the 2016 presidential race, so the bar for good ideas is set comically low. Even given that, the brain trust over at the DNC have outdone themselves with their latest gambit, a Bernie Sanders-Tom Perez tour starting today.

As The Hill notes, the Democratic establishment spent all last year warning Democrats about the dangers of embracing someone as extreme as Bernie Sanders:

“During the primary, some Democrats worried that Sanders, a self-described ‘Democratic socialist,’ was pushing the party too far to the left. Others mocked him for being a one-issue candidate who championed what they called ‘unrealistic’ proposals like free college tuition.”

Yet with this Sanders-Perez tour, it’s now undeniable that the Democratic Party owns Sanders’ radical positions. On issues like health care, taxes, and government spending, Democrats are going to pay for their association with Sanders.

Yet so far, the Democratic Party is getting very little in return for the spotlight they’re shining on Sanders. Bernie is so loyal to the Democratic Party that after he lost the Democratic primary, he went back to being an Independent. To add insult to injury, Sanders still refuses to give the DNC access to the “crown jewel of email lists.”

Sanders is using the Democratic Party to further his socialist agenda, not the Democratic Party’s political prospects. As red-state incumbents prepare for their Senate re-election campaigns, the Democratic Party owns all of Sanders’ extreme far left liabilities, while getting none of the actual political benefits.