January 18, 2017

Surreal: Elizabeth Warren Targets DeVos For Not Being A Banker

Ultra-liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is known for her radical hatred of banks and capitalism in general. Apparently, Warren’s zero tolerance policy towards bankers thaws when she’s trying to score political points against Republicans. Last night, Warren grilled Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos over her lack of banking credentials:

“’The secretary of education is essentially responsible running a $1 trillion bank,’ Warren said. ‘Do you have any direct experience in running a bank?’ ‘Senator, I do not’ said DeVos. ‘Have you ever managed or overseen a trillion dollar loan program?’ ‘I have not,’ DeVos replied. ‘A billion dollar loan program?’ Warren tried. ‘I have not,’ DeVos said. ‘OK. So no experience,’ Warren said.”

Warren’s statement that the Education Secretary needs banking experience exposes her anti-bank rhetoric for the politics it is. There might be a reason why, according to CNBC, Warren is “no longer the darling of the left.”