March 28, 2017

The Bernie-Clinton Divide Is Alive And Well In Virginia

The divisive Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is having a lasting impact on the Democratic Party. Now as new elections approach, the divide between Clinton and Sanders voters is not going away.

In Virginia, a new poll shows that who you supported in 2016 is a good indicator of whether you are a Ralph Northam or Tom Perriello supporter in the Democratic gubernatorial primary:

“Poll respondents who chose Hillary Clinton in the presidential primary back Northam over Perriello by a 34-25 margin. Those who preferred Bernie Sanders favor Perriello by a 32-21 margin.”

This poll proves that Perriello’s many flip-flops, on guns, immigration reform, abortion funding, and energy, were a good bet. By changing many of his core positions, Perriello has established himself well with the leftists Sanders supporters, but also created potential liabilities in a general election Meanwhile, Northam, like Clinton is banking on his establishment support pushing him over the finish line. No matter what though this poll shows that either one will have troubles unifying the party in the general election.