April 24, 2017

The Liberal Company Jon Ossoff Keeps

If as the saying goes, you’re judged by the company you keep, Jon Ossoff is in for a rough time on June 20th. That’s because Ossoff’s Congressional bid is being powered exclusively by national Democrats, whose liberal policies make them heavily unpopular in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

In America Rising’s new graphic, we highlight that the politicians supporting Ossoff, among them Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Jane Fonda, and Nancy Pelosi, are all out of state liberals. The fact that these are the people supporting Ossoff tells voters all they need to know about what kind of Congressman he’d be:

A perfect example of Ossoff’s damaging connections to out of state politicians came on Sunday. Appearing on Meet the Press, Nancy Pelosi heaped a great amount of praise on Ossoff:

Ossoff’s campaign team must have cringed with horror when Pelosi broadcast to the nation her close ties to Ossoff. If there was any doubt about who Ossoff would follow if he got to DC, Pelosi’s Meet the Press appearance erased all doubt.