March 3, 2017

Three Non-Partisan Fact Checkers Condemn Lyin’ Claire

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) can’t escape her false statements yesterday that she’s never met with the Russian ambassador. Throughout the day the vulnerable Missouri Senator was inundated with a great number of negative stories. Yet McCaskill’s ordeal is not over. Since then McCaskill has received series of devastating fact checks that underscore McCaskill’s false declaration.

The Associated Press said that McCaskill’s claim “went too far”:

“But she went too far when she said she’d had no similar contacts in the decade that she’d been, like Sessions, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.”

In the FactCheck.orgarticle they highlight McCaskill’s false assertion, while also dinging her for trying to pass the blame onto Twitter’s character limit:

“As for McCaskill, she said that she never met with the Russian ambassador. That’s clearly false, and she cannot blame the 140-character limit on Twitter. She said the same thing in her press release.”

Finally, Politifact gave McCaskill a “False” rating for her statement that she’s never met with the Russian ambassador:

“McCaskill’s own tweets show that she has had an in-person group meeting, as well as a phone call, with the Russian ambassador in the past four years. A McCaskill spokesperson contrasted these interactions with the private one-on-one meeting Sessions had in his office with the ambassador. However, though the context for McCaskill’s and Sessions’ interactions with Kislyak may be very different, she goes too far in saying she didn’t “ever” have that meeting or phone call. We rate McCaskill’s claim False.”