June 29, 2017

Tom Perez Plagiarizes Much-Mocked Time Cover To Dodge Leadership Questions

In 2006, Time Magazine chose “You” as their Person of the Year. People mocked the choice as a “cop-out.” Apparently though, DNC Chairman Tom Perez didn’t get the memo. Perez was asked who the leader of the Democratic Party was and he dodged the question by giving a long-winded answer that could basically be summed up as “You”:

This question is so tough to answer because of the utter chaos of the Democratic Party right now. After all, Democrats have failed to win a one of the four special elections this year. At the same time, the dominant Democratic storyline this year is about the ongoing ideological civil war. Perez’s cop-out of an answer is just the latest acknowledgement that the supposed Democratic Party is clueless about the future.