March 2, 2017

Tom Perez’s (AKA Hillary Clinton 2.0) Problem With The Truth

New DNC Chairman Tom Perez has been a ubiquitous presence since his victory on Saturday. Yet with Perez’s many media appearances has come a correspondingly high level of misstatements. In just a few days Politifact has found two different statements Perez made since Saturday in which he hasn’t been completely truthful.

On his first day as DNC Chairman, Politifact said that Perez gave a “misleading view of Trump’s position on overtime”:

“Perez said Trump ‘wants to eliminate overtime pay for people’. Perez’s statement offers a misleading view of Trump’s position on overtime. Trump’s administration has said he wants to roll back regulations — some of which would expand the number of those eligible for overtime — but that doesn’t translate to wanting to eliminate overtime completely.”

Politifact also found that Perez “gave only half the picture” when he attacked Republicans’ desire to repeal Obamacare:

“Every analyst we reached said that the complete fiscal package includes both revenues and spending cuts and it is misleading to say that the taxes are the main means of financing the health care program. Perez gave only half the picture.”

With Perez’s new position comes a prominence he never had as Labor Secretary. As his first few days shows, Perez needs to become more truthful if he’s going to stand up to this new scrutiny.