April 18, 2017

Tom Perriello Flip-Flops On Campaign Finance

It’s starting to be a problem keeping track of all the issues that Virginia Democrat Tom Perriello is flip-flopping on. With the release of Perriello’s latest campaign finance report, we can now add campaign finance to the list. In Perriello’s latest campaign finance report a whopping 50% of the total money raised came from just five people. That’s no surprise when you have George Soros giving $250,000 in a single donation and Sonjia Smith donating $500,000 to Perriello’s campaign:

This is a major flip-flop because in this gubernatorial campaign Perriello has tried to portray himself as someone opposed to big money in politics. Speaking just a few weeks ago, Perriello said that wanted to stop the “soft corruption of priorities” that comes from being surrounded by people who “can write big checks.” In March, Perriello called the influence of money in politics a “huge problem in Virginia.”

Perriello has already flip-flopped on gun control, immigration reform, abortion funding, and offshore drilling. With his latest flip-flop, it’s clear the only position Perriello will stay consistent on is his desire to win the election, no matter the cost.