May 17, 2018

Top 2020 Contenders Yet to Weigh In On Superdelegate Debacle

Top 2020 Contenders Yet to Weigh In On Superdelegate Debacle

Democratic Party leaders are attempting to fix their broken presidential nominating system to diminish the role superdelegates play in the primary process. However, only two of the leading Democrats looking to run in 2020, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, have openly opposed the superdelegate system. Gillibrand, Booker, and Harris are noticeably quiet when it comes to talking about this topic.

The debate over superdelegates is dividing Democrats:

“Yet even as party leaders try to orient Democratic committee members around shared priorities, fissures remain on some key areas of reform, especially the fate of superdelegates. Several D.N.C. officials familiar with the negotiations said the Democrats most averse to change were state party officials and elected members of Congress who would stand to lose their coveted superdelegate status and the exclusive level of candidate access that often accompanies it.”

Many in the progressive wing of the party claim that the superdelegates gave Hillary Clinton an unfair advantage over Sanders in the 2016 primary. As the contest among 2020 contenders to out-left each other continues, the silence from Gillibrand, Booker, and Harris will be noticed by the liberal base they all wish to appease.