June 6, 2017

Two Clips That Show Why Ossoff Is Wrong For GA-6

Tonight’s first debate in the Georgia-6 runoff election showed the district why Jon Ossoff, even with Nancy Pelosi’s millions, has never been able to close the deal. Ossoff gave a shaky performance tonight, befitting the fact that he was just a “junior staffer for Hank Johnson,” as Secretary Karen Handel put it.

First, foreign policy is a tricky subject for Ossoff given the Democratic Party’s extreme views on Iran. Ossoff has long been hampered by his support for the disastrous Iran nuclear deal. Tonight, he was called out by the moderator for giving a weak answer on what he’d want done if Iran was found to have broken the deal:

Ossoff has a hard time squaring his support for the deal with the fact that it puts billions in the hands of the terrorist-supporting Iranian regime.

Secretary Handel also put Ossoff on the defensive when they each asked the other a question. The fact that Ossoff lives outside the district, and thus can’t vote for himself, is and remains a major embarrassment for the 30-year-old:

Ossoff’s poor performance tonight will further embolden those Democrats who have privately slammed him as a “terrible candidate.” With another debate on Thursday, the pressure will only ratchet up higher for Ossoff.