November 16, 2017

Two Pinocchios For Schumer And Warren’s Discredited Talking Point

Two Pinocchios For Schumer And Warren’s Discredited Talking Point

The tax reform debate has shown the American people that Democrats are not above lying to try to score political points against Republicans’ tax reform push. The latest culprits to get caught spreading falsehoods to the American people are Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Yesterday, on the Senate Floor Senator Schumer made the outrageously untrue statement that including the repeal of the individual mandate in tax reform would “[kick] 13 million people off health insurance.” However, when the Washington Post took a look at Senator Schumer’s claim, they gave him “Two Pinocchios”:

“The first part of Schumer’s statement remains problematic. CBO, in estimating the impact of repealing the individual mandate, is mostly describing a voluntary action of people choosing not to buy health insurance. That’s not the same as ‘kicking off’ 13 million people. Granted, some people may feel they don’t have a choice because their premiums increased, but that’s not the majority of the people affected under CBO’s analysis. Senate Democrats need to more accurately describe the CBO report.”

Not to be outdone, Senator Warren, on Morning Joe today, repeated that same discredited talking point that Senator Schumer had already been faulted for using:

Both Democrats are flat-out lying. Congressional Republicans’ tax reform plans are about the American people keeping more of their money and boosting the economy. The fact that Democrats are resorting to spreading this fiction to try and defeat that effort shows the depths they’ve sunk to.