September 18, 2017

VIDEO: Bernie Dodges On His Old Comments About High Cost Of Socialized Healthcare

VIDEO: Bernie Dodges On His Old Comments About High Cost Of Socialized Healthcare

On Meet The Press on Sunday, Senator Bernie Sanders was confronted with his own remarks about the high cost of socialized healthcare. Chuck Todd played the NTK Network exclusive video of Bernie saying in 1987 that “Medicaid to everybody… would bankrupt the nation.”

Rather than addressing the trillions of dollars his proposal for socialized healthcare would cost the United States, he complained that the media is not giving enough attention to his socialist fantasy.

Watch Bernie dodge his old comments:

Last week, NTK Network uncovered then-mayor of Burlington Bernie Sanders explaining why his socialist proposal would “bankrupt the nation.” Read that full story here.

Bernie’s failure to defend the high cost of his socialist healthcare plan opens a new vulnerability for those 2020 aspirants seeking to follow Bernie off the socialist cliff. If the most unabashed socialist in the Democrat party can’t defend his socialized health care proposal, how can Democrat voters expect the Bernie wannabes Harris, Gillibrand, Cuomo, Booker, etc. to sell this $30+ trillion plan to the American people in 2020 (psst, they can’t).

Bernie will be taking his socialist sales pitch to San Francisco this week (seriously). If winning the hearts and minds of voters in one of the country’s most liberal cities is the game plan, this proposal is nowhere near the end zone. Bernie’s visit and socialized healthcare plan rollout are more evidence of him appeasing the leftist activist base to maintain his throne as the top 2020 progressive, rather than offering a real policy proposal to fix our country’s broken healthcare system.