April 4, 2017

VIDEO: Chuck Schumer Caught Lying About Medicare For All

One day soon Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will learn that with his promotion comes added scrutiny. Sunday night on a call with Moveon.org Senator Schumer claimed that during the Obamacare debates in 2009 and 2010 he had been a “leader” in the fight to pass a Medicare for all plan.

Yet as our new video shows, back in 2009, Schumer was singing a very different tune. In fact, Schumer went on Morning Joe in 2009 and said that a Medicare for all plan was so expensive that “we can’t do that.”

Moveon.org activists aren’t going to appreciate getting lied to. Chuck Schumer must still be getting his sea legs under him as Democratic Leader because his performance so far has been wobbly at best.