October 13, 2017

VIDEO: Ed Gillespie Says Ralph Northam Has Moved Too Far Left For Virginia

The race to be Virginia’s next governor is coming down to the wire, and Republican Ed Gillespie is doing everything he can to underscore what an out-of-touch liberal Lt. Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA) has become. Speaking with Dana Perino, on her new Fox News show “The Daily Briefing,” Gillespie slammed Northam for adopting far-left policies to please the Democratic fringe and liberals like Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA):

Gillespie also highlighted the impact the Democratic primary in Virginia had on Northam. As Perino points out, Northam was once a relatively moderate Democrat. Yet, after Tom Perriello primaried him, he quickly fell in line, positioning himself as a “progressives running on [a] liberal platform”:

“Both Phil Murphy and Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam now position themselves as progressives running on liberal platforms in states that voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, and both have launched scathing attacks on the president. But the easy caricatures of their backgrounds has some national Democrats nervous about its effect on the grassroots fires burning through the party early in 2017 — and worried that their bruising internal battles about Democrats’ future may just intensify as a result”

The Democratic civil war has wreaked havoc on the Party’s political prospects all year. As Gillespie pointed out today, the intra-party feud’s ability to push Northam to the far left has endangered the Democratic Party’s electoral odds once again.