March 9, 2017

VIDEO: Georgia Political Reporter Mocks Jon Ossoff’s Newest Ad

Democrat Jon Ossoff is light on experience and long on ambition. It’s no wonder then that one of his first ads has gotten him into hot water with the local media. The ad features Ossoff standing before a ticking clock, making it look as if he’s in a situation room.

Yet when WXIA took a look at the ad, they slammed it saying that it makes the 30 year old Ossoff look like “James Bond or Jack Bauer”:

“And then there’s the democratic candidate, former national security aide and investigative filmmaker Jon Ossof. ‘As a national security aide with top security clearance,’ he says, in part, during his ad. Hassinger put this one in the embellishment category. ‘He sort of made himself look like James Bond or Jack Bauer or some sort of secret spy,’ Hassinger said.”

They went on to pan Ossoff’s ad for embellishing his actual credentials. With no actual accomplishments to run on it makes sense that Ossoff would stretch the truth. Unfortunately for the young candidate, he’s gotten caught in this instance.