October 29, 2018

Video: Kamala Harris Repeats Misinformation About The Economy

Last week, Senator Kamala Harris was making the rounds in Iowa as she prepares to launch her 2020 presidential bid. But one of her talking points on the economy raised some questions for The Washington Post fact check team:

“She lays out a bunch of statistics…But she also appeared to say something that made us stop the video and constantly replay it — that the unemployment rate is low because people are working two or three jobs

The fact of that matter is that relatively few people hold two or more jobs. As of September, only 4.9 percent of employed people had multiple jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Harris’s line may get applause, but she needs to be careful with it. Some listeners may get an impression not warranted by the facts.”

Following The Washington Post’s piece, one would have thought Harris would have changed her tune. Yet, she repeated the same talking point this morning at an event in Florida: