April 17, 2017

VIDEO: Left Wing Hero Jon Ossoff Masquerades As “Pragmatic”

In an interview tonight, Jon Ossoff refused to say whether he considers himself a liberal or progressive, pretending instead that he will be “pragmatic.”

Ossoff, whose candidacy is viewed as the first test of anti-Trump sentiment, won’t even assign himself to the groups looking to his race for some sort of victory:

On Tuesday night, Democrats will find out if the opposition to Donald Trump that has electrified the left since November can be converted into actual electoral results.

All eyes are on the special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, where Democrats see an opportunity to flip a seat that has been in Republican hands for decades. Jon Ossoff, a 30-year old, previously unknown documentary filmmaker has become a lightning rod for the excitement and anger that has been building since the election in November, and has become the outlet for Democrats looking for a way to make a statement. (BuzzFeed, 4/17/17)

However, voters know that Ossoff, who has raised millions via the DailyKos and with the help of Nancy Pelosi, will be beholden to the liberals funding his campaign and is out of touch with a district he doesn’t even live in.