March 24, 2017

VIDEO: “Make Colorado Proud”

Since Judge Neil Gorsuch was nominated to the Supreme Court, many things have been made crystal clear. Gorsuch is an exceptionally well-qualified nominee, the Democrats have no reasonable arguments against him, and he’s a beloved figure in his native Colorado. America Rising’s new video, “Make Colorado Proud,” documents that last point with overwhelming evidence from across the ideological spectrum.

While Gorsuch never led the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl, he’s got the strong support of John Elway, who has. As America Rising’s new video shows, Elway is joined by major newspapers like the Denver Post and political leaders across the partisan divide such as Obama Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Yet somehow Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) turned his back on all these Coloradan to oppose Gorsuch. While Hickenlooper clearly did it to curry favor with national liberals, he’s found himself very much alone in that sentiment back home.