January 23, 2018

VIDEO: The #SchumerShutdown Backfires

VIDEO: The #SchumerShutdown Backfires

After 69 hours, the Democratic Party’s government shutdown finally ended last night. Yet, while the government shutdown is over, the problems for Democrats are only just beginning. That’s because the media has almost universally castigated Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senate Democrats for their needless, reckless actions which precipitated the three-day debacle:

After a year on the job, Senator Schumer is facing a brutal referendum on his competence and leadership in both television and print media.

Sadly, for Senate Minority Leader, the print and online coverage was just as bad. As the Associated Press documented, Senator Schumer has become the “face of the Democratic retreat” and has “became a punching bag for the right and left.” NBC added that Senator Schumer’s cave “divided a Democratic Party.”

See below for a collection of headlines that document just how badly Senate Democrats lost the shutdown fight:

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Washington Post: Democrats caved on the shutdown, and they’re admitting it

Washington Times: Dreamers reject Democrats’ shutdown deal

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Politico: Democrats get rolled in shutdown standoff

Washington Free Beacon: CNN’s John King: ‘Why Did They Shut Down the Government in the First Place?’

Mother Jones: Liberal Activists Are Furious That Democrats “Caved” on the Shutdown

CNN: Progressives fume after vote to end government shutdown

Business Insider: ‘I’m leaving the Democratic Party today’: Democrats are infuriated by their own party’s deal with the GOP to reopen the government

The Hill: House Dem slams shutdown deal: Senate Dems didn’t ‘go to the mat’ for Dreamers

Washington Examiner: ‘The Democrats caved’: Liberals pan Senate deal to end government shutdown

Washington Examiner: ‘Stupidest damn thing I’ve ever seen’: Democrats miscalculate the shutdown

Huffington Post: Liberals Fume At ‘Worst Negotiator’ Chuck Schumer After Deal To End Shutdown

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