March 13, 2017

Warren Called Out For Her Lack Of Town Hall Meetings

Taking a page out of Hillary Clinton’s book, Senator Elizabeth Warren has one set of rules for herself and another for her opponents. Last week, Senator Warren went on Boston Public Radio, and talked about the importance of holding town hall meetings:

Yet, while Warren is ready to criticize Republicans if they don’t hold town hall meetings, she’s not willing to apply the same standards to herself. As Politico noted in their story on Warren’s event in Quincy, Warren “has not held any formal town halls” in the new Congress:

“While members of Congress have held town halls in their districts following the start of session, Massachusetts’ senior senator’s has not held any formal town halls. Warren said today her office is finalizing plans to hold a town hall forum soon, but did not have further details.”

Warren’s reticence to take questions from Massachusetts voters is not surprising in light of a January WBUR poll that showed only 44% believe she deserves to be re-elected in 2018. Her hypocritical position on town halls will certainly not help her poor poll numbers.