April 4, 2017

Warren Exposed As An Equal Pay Hypocrite

Today is Equal Pay Day. On last year’s Equal Pay Day, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) called it “a national day of embarrassment.” Yet a new investigation into Warren’s Senate office payroll by the Washington Free Beacon shows that by Warren doesn’t practice what she preaches.

As the Beacon reported, last year the National Committee on Pay Equity said that women earned 79.6% of what men earned. Yet in Senator Warren’s office, women earned only 71% of what men made in 2016:

“However, women working for Warren were paid just 71 cents for every dollar paid to men during the 2016 fiscal year, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis. The median annual earnings for women staffers, $52,750, was more than $20,000 less than the median annual earnings for men, $73,750, according to the analysis of publicly available Senate data.”

Warren said that the workplace was “rigged against women.” Now that the Free Beacon has exposed Warren’s hypocrisy, it’s clear she’s all talk on this issue.