September 6, 2018

Warren’s Rocky Relationship with the Press

Warren’s Rocky Relationship with the Press

As Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren gears up for a 2020 run, she vows “to open up” to journalists—at least in D.C. However, Warren is “well known in Washington for dodging the press when convenient.” Reporters have openly expressed their frustration with Warren’s ways:

She employs a laundry list of tactics to evade the press:

Politico: “Warren literally runs, sometimes as her staff tries in vain to keep up while she beats a quick path from the subway car to the safe haven of an elevator —where reporters need permission to ride with a member.”

It should come as no surprise that she is more than willing to meet with left-leaning press.

Warren is gearing up for 2020 and attempting to get ahead of her many issues that will be spotlighted in a crowded Democratic primary.