March 17, 2017

Why Is Elizabeth Warren Afraid Of A Live Stream?

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is legendary for ignoring reporters in the Senate hallways. Now she’s found another medium she doesn’t like: live streams from local newspapers at local meetings. According to Commonwealth Magazine’s Bruce Mohl, when Warren was speaking at the Telegram & Gazette her staff had a live stream of the meeting cut off halfway through:

“The Telegram & Gazette livestreamed the sitdown with Warren on Facebook, but halfway through the session the senator’s staff asked that it be discontinued. The staffers said they should have been asked in advance for permission to livestream the event. Before the event, an official from the Telegram & Gazette had asked me whether it was OK to livestream, and I said it was fine with me. I was asked because I had invited most of the reporters to the event. But after Warren’s staff raised objections – and after some discussion outside the room between me, Warren’s staff members, and Telegram & Gazette officials – I asked that livestreaming be halted and it was”

As Warren lays the groundwork for her 2020 presidential run, she’s going to have to get over her fear of live streams.