October 15, 2018

Witch Way to Washington?

Kyrsten Sinema’s out-of-touch, radical comments continue to resurface and dominate coverage of the Arizona Senate race. In just the last week, half a dozen comments have surfaced highlighting some of her true feelings including:

And the latest, dare I say spookiest, example came this afternoon:

The Washington Examiner: Emails: Kyrsten Sinema summoned witches to her anti-war rally

“Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, is not a witch. But she has been known to hang out with witches. It was during the height of the Iraq War when Sinema, then a far-left protest organizer, summoned supernatural help to stop the Iraq War.

Emails obtained by the Washington Examiner show Sinema inviting a prominent group of feminist witches in Arizona called Pagan Cluster to celebrate International Women’s Day and to protest the war in March of 2003. Code Pink protesters wore pink, obviously enough, and the Women in Black wore black. But Sinema encouraged the witches to wear “colorful clothing and come ready to dance, twirl, and stay in touch with your inner creativity and with the Earth.”

Sinema’s campaign is not in the Halloween spirit as they’ve had to quickly compile direct-to-camera ads and “I love AZ” tweets.