October 13, 2017

WTAS: John Adams “Got A Huge Boost” In Race To Be Next Attorney General

With Election Day fast approaching, a good week in the press can make a big difference, while a bad one can seriously damage a campaign. In the Virginia Attorney General race, Republican John Adams had another strong week on numerous fronts, including standing up for principled leadership in the Commonwealth. At the same time, far-left Democratic incumbent Mark Herring was faced with a serious investigation into how his office “spends proceeds from asset forfeiture.”

See below for more on the most important developments this week in the Virginia Attorney General race:

Associated Press: GOP candidate for Virginia AG pledges to defend state laws

  • “Adams insists he would defend the state’s existing laws, no matter what his personal beliefs. ‘At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter — it shouldn’t matter — whether Mark Herring has a certain opinion, or I have certain opinions. You’re the lawyer for Virginia. It’s what Virginia’s law is that you’re supposed to defend,’ he told The Associated Press in a recent interview.”

Washington Examiner: National group goes all in for Va GOP attorney general hopeful

  • “The Republican in a down ticket race in Virginia’s November election got a huge boost Wednesday when the Republican Attorneys General Association gave conservative challenger John Adams $900,000 to battle liberal Attorney General Mark Herring. The donation, which brings the RAGA total contributions to Adams to $2.75 million, could give an added spark to the rising campaign of Adams.”

Washington Post: Republican AG group gives an additional $900,000 to Virginia candidate John Adams

  • “The Republican Attorneys General Association, which has been pouring money into the Virginia’s attorney general’s race, upped the ante Wednesday with an additional $900,000 contribution to GOP nominee John Adams.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Republicans call for review of Virginia Attorney General’s Office a month before election

  • “The GOP-controlled Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission approved a resolution Tuesday requesting commission staff members conduct a study of the office. That will include how the office spends proceeds from asset forfeiture, an examination of salary increases, and whether Herring’s office has properly contracted with outside counsel and reviewed state contracts.”

Associated Press: GOP-controlled group seeks study of Virginia AG’s office

  • “The Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission approved a resolution asking staff to do the evaluation — just four weeks before Herring faces a challenge from Republican John Adams in the Nov. 7 election. The study would include how the office spends proceeds from asset forfeiture and an examination of salary increases.”