March 1, 2019

Dems in Disarray: Pelosi Struggles to Steer Her Caucus

Dems in Disarray: Pelosi Struggles to Steer Her Caucus

Nancy Pelosi can’t control centrist Democrats from siding from Republicans or far- left representatives, like AOC, from threatening their colleagues with primary challenges and putting them on “a list.” The blowback from the embarrassing loss has been echoed by bad headlines:

Washington Post: House Democrats explode in recriminations as liberals lash out at moderates

Politico: ‘This Is Not A Day At The Beach’: Pelosi Tells Moderate Dems To Stop Voting With GOP

Wall Street Journal: GOP Motions In House Put Pressure On Democrats’ Unity

The Hill: Dems struggle to unify after GOP embarrasses them on procedure

Roll Call: ‘We Are Either A Team Or We’re Not’ — Democrats Struggle With Republican Messaging Votes

Washington Post: Surprise GOP tactical win in House exposes divisions in Democratic leadership

Politico: House Democrats weigh rules change after GOP floor victory

Roll Call: Pelosi Says Democrats Should Vote As One Against GOP Messaging Votes

It’s clear that Pelosi doesn’t have the leverage over her chamber that she’s had in the past.