August 13, 2018

Dems Midterm Message Still Not Clear

Dems Midterm Message  Still Not Clear

It’s less than three months out from a critical midterm election and Democrats still don’t have a message. Their first try, “A Better Deal” flopped, and now they are trying to push “For the People.” Yet, even Nancy Pelosi can’t seem to explain what that means:

“MSNBC fill-in anchor Jonathan Capehart told Pelosi on “AM Joy” that Democrats are concerned the party has “no message,” saying it’s clear they are against President Donald Trump but they don’t know what they’re for.”

“’Is that a true statement, and if it’s not, what are Democrats for?’ Capehart asked”

“’Democrats are for the people,’ Pelosi said.”

“’What does that mean?’ Capehart asked.”

“’Democrats are for the people,’ Pelosi repeated, saying the party wanted lower health care costs, larger paychecks, and reducing “big, dark money” in politics.”

Time is running out for Democrats to figure out what issues and policies they would push if they were to regain the majority. The message of #resistance is not likely to motivate voters to turn out for Democrats this fall.