November 29, 2017

Donnelly Parrots Discredited Warren/Schumer Obamacare Talking Point

Donnelly Parrots Discredited Warren/Schumer Obamacare Talking Point

Senator Joe Donnelly, Indiana’s embattled Democratic Senator, must be pretty desperate. How else could you explain that he’s now resorting to echoing discredited Obamacare talking points put out by out-of-touch liberals like Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren. Earlier this month, the Washington Post dinged Schumer and Warren with two Pinocchios for saying that Republicans would kick 13 million people off Obamacare if they repealed the individual mandate.

Even though this argument has already been debunked, that hasn’t stopped Senator Donnelly from spreading it. Speaking with the Indianapolis Star, Senator Donnelly repeated Schumer and Warren’s line almost verbatim:

“It was really discouraging when they included the effort to affect the Affordable Care Act. I think that the changes they made would take health care coverage away from 13 million Americans.”

Senator Donnelly is already one of the most politically vulnerable Senators going into the midterm elections next year. By sounding like Schumer and Warren, not exactly two of Indiana’s favorite politicians, he’ll make his campaign that much more difficult.