December 11, 2018

NYT: Super PACs Pose Quandary For 2020 Democrats

NYT: Super PACs Pose Quandary For 2020 Democrats

As 2020 contenders continue their #RaceToTheLeft, they are faced with a major predicament when it comes to super PACs: Will they follow the progressive guidelines? Or will they take the money to help prop up their campaigns? As the New York Times explained:

“The risk for any 2020 Democrat is that reliance on a billionaire-backed super PAC becomes a litmus test of liberal credibility as a reformer.”

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders say they are solidly against support from super PACs and Joe Biden claimed in his book that he would not have accepted super PAC support if he had run in 2016.

Others like Cory Booker are “likely to have a super PAC, according to donors, strategists and people close to him.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, strategists close to Kamala Harris are already discussing the possibility of a super PAC to support her presidential run.

Many 2020 Democrats have pledged to disavow super PACs to earn the right to be labeled a progressive. However, the question remains on whether they will follow through on their promise as candidates will need large sums of cash to help navigate through a stacked primary field.