September 17, 2018

Sinema’s Radical Anti-War Past Resurface

Sinema’s Radical Anti-War Past Resurface

Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has a well-documented history as an anti-war activist, and a recent report from CNN is raising even more questions:

“As an anti-war activist in the early 2000s, Arizona Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema led a group that distributed flyers depicting an American soldier as a skeleton inflicting “U.S. terror” in Iraq and the Middle East.”

“Sinema was also listed at the point of contact for a pre-rally event to make protest signs. The website for the event highlights signs from past events, including, “Born to Kill, Born to Drill,” “My President Is A Psychopath,” “No Oilgarchy,” “We Burn Stuff (Written on an American Flag)” and “Who Elected this F*er?”

Sinema is attempting to remake her image in the mold of a moderate for this Senate race, but her past antics landed her on the list for one of “The Eight Craziest Candidates of 2012.” Arizona voters are sure to see through her attempts to rebrand as just a way to win votes this November.