November 17, 2017

Cuomo Joins The Parade Of Democrats Lying About Tax Reform

Cuomo Joins The Parade Of Democrats Lying About Tax Reform

In recent weeks, desperate Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, have taken to lying about tax reform in an ill-conceived effort to derail the process. Not wanting to be left out, Governor Andrew Cuomo – never known as a paragon of virtue – has joined in.

Speaking on Long Island, Governor Cuomo claimed to have talked with “all” New York House Republicans about the tax reform vote. Yet, when Congressman Tom Reed (R-NY) heard Governor Cuomo’s claim, he did not pull any punches, saying that the Governor was an “outright liar”:

“’I never believed I’d be living in a state with a governor that was an outright liar,’ Mr. Reed said in an interview on Thursday evening. ‘I am just appalled that he would have the character level of just outright lying. I’m not even going to say mischaracterizing it. It’s just an outright lie by a liar in the governor’s mansion. To me, that is very troublesome. For a man who is trying to run for president of the United States to stoop to that moral character is troublesome, to say the least.’”

Echoing Congressman Reed’s comments, Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY) added that Governor Cuomo’s claims make him a “bold-faced liar”:

“’I’ve got to wonder if he’s lost it,’ Mr. Collins said. ‘I mean it’s outrageous. He not only never called me — he said he did — then he made up a quote. This just tells me you can’t believe anything this governor says.’”

Governor Cuomo’s shameful statements underscore that he’s more concerned with scoring political points than giving the American people meaningful tax reform.